Blackops 2 getting me mad?

then what ticks me off is people are prestige master like 3 weeks after release. and people memorize the map so fast. I hate how you disconnect and they put you on probation. One day my Wifi shut off and I was in a match and they put me on probation. And I honestly hate how they take the game SO serious.. Whats your complains??


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Those are only a couple reasons I no longer play MP... Zombies is where it's at

Don't get mad, get gooder.

I quit like 20 games and I'm still not on probation.

If a videogame is making you mad, I suggest you play something else.

I know people who rag quit 10 times a day easy and never been bugged, ya must be special ;)

Unless your playing League you will only receive probation after quitting like 5 matches in a short period of time. Try actually staying in game and taking the losses you deserve, it is the only way to become a better player. Also if your not taking the game seriously then how can it make you mad?

Practice makes perfect.

My gripe is the cpu on recruit when playing multiplayer, there is always some bs involved including getting t-bagged by them