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hey, I know its a little early, but better than too late I guess, ha. I was hoping some of you who ARE getting Blacklist, I know pretty dumb question lol. Wanna add me and looking for coop partners and heck, can even play some conviction til release if you are down for it. So just add me "ODiddle"  not on the forums much so plz dont respond saying "Add me" or anything cause most likely wont ever see it lol.


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Sure, I'm in. I can't wait to play spies vs. mercs and the co-op campaign. I have Conviction on Games on Demand, so I can play that until Blacklist comes out.

Just for those interested, there is a discussion going on at the Ubisoft Forums in the Splinter Cell: Blacklist section where people are throwing in their gamer info (for all platforms) looking for partners and teams for the upcoming release. If you're still looking for someone to play with, go make an account and throw your name in the ring.! 


I'm hardly ever here in forums as well, & normally will just seach live in-game in coop, as I'd done for the 1st online coop partner for Korbin's "Dirty-Bomb" mission. Although the coop partner I was teamed up with was/is a nice enuff & proficient gamer 2 be paired with, it didn't bode well for us, as we were both playing different game styles not condusive to each other. I played the "Ghost" stealth based (my fav' SC gamestyle)  tactical approach, whereas he was utilyzing the "Combat" aggressive tactical approach. Let's just say it wasn't pretty, & I graciously took the bullet for our continual failure, apologised for our failure and bowed out back to live search screen, then exited game to dashboard in dismay. Too bad there isn't a refine search for gameplay style preference, etc.. like other games have, ie.Halo, RE6, etc. Hence my presence and posted reply here today. Hopefully another: Ghost/Panther style gamer whould happen upon this reply, take pity on this old girl and send me message to arrange to play the coop missions. Will appreciate the time we share to serve our virtual game country! >=þ CJSh0rty