Black Screens

Well now these black screens are getting very annoying.  Sure, the servers might be down, so WHY do I also get the black screen on the SINGLE player?

ARGGHHHH, any help appreciated.

I was playing fine last night.  Sure I have the black screen of non loadingness every now and then - but now its on every map.

Ive deleted, reinstalled both the game and the HD graphics and the add ons.  Alas no avail.

Any ideas please?


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I get this on any B2K map I try and join through the server browser. It is really frustrating, coupled with the crazy lag on Siene CQ the first time I go down the stairs between C and A and topped off with the sound dropout affecting every game at some point. This game needs fixing!!! Balance a functioning game, not a broken one FFS.

So how do you get into the game?

Ive tried not auto assigning a squad, but it still black screens.

I can get in using quick match and server browser works for the vanilla maps. I am in the UK, so the issues may be different if you are in another country. Never had that problem with the single player, it was stuck on a loading screen loop the other day, so I loaded the level instead of using the continue option.