Black Screen?

Am I the only one having issues with a black screen showing up randomly in the middle of match?  I've tried just about everything, cleared cache, (its not an old xbox its less than 3 months so i ruled out failing hardware), brand new 3d t.v. also downloaded the game to the hard drive.  I came here because this is the only game that does it on our console.  Just curious if anyone else is having issues or if it's just me.  It doesn't do it all the time but at least once a day usually when I'm in a gunfight at which the entire screen goes black for about 3 seconds and then I come back and am respawning :l  Any ideas?  Thanks.


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Never heard of this issue. It could possibly be the disc which may be corrupted. Installing it to your HDD would not help if it installs corrupted files. Have you tried another copy of the game (after un-installing yours) to see if it still occurs? If it doesn't, then I guarantee you it's the disc.


Clean disc. Ive heard of these video corruption things before.