black powder recipie where?

This might be a silly question dave is at lvl 2. Does he provide the recipie for black powder or is it in a treasure chest somewhere? Like dyes and flints had to be found in a frontier hole treasure chest which i did.


)note sorry for 6 topics now its just i dont find accurate answers for everything on the net.


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You cannot craft black powder until Big Dave is at level 3.  Once you do his third homestead mission and get him up to level 3, then you will also need sulfur, rock salt and lead ore to craft black powder.


Hope this helps.



thx i did find out b4 reading your reply. Also about ink i see i have paper reciepie im assuming not till doc white is ;evel 4 for ink reciepie. Its like the only recipie left i dont have for doc whites medical charts for example. Now i have just 4 homestead missions left. Also im expecting them to unlock after main mission.