Black Phantoms!

They are in undead burg, lower undead burg and the parish. (soul level, new game + 2 and they hit extremly hard) I don't know what's going on, there is no gravelord signs anywere. Maybe it is FROM SOFTWARE's way of saying "Merry Christmas have some more deaths on us"


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(soul level 1, new game + 2)

You know, I have over 100 hours on Dark Souls and I've never seen a black phantom.

I remember that on Demon Souls.. massive Black Phantoms.. Ive yet to see any on Dark Souls..

... trollin?

I've seen them, but only in other people's worlds (when I invaded).  There's a rumor that you can only see them when in NG+ or beyond.

In all my playthroughs on Xbox and PS3 I have never seen one.


R3d, they said in an interview that the way it is designed, mainly people on NG+ get black phantoms because that way your second playthrough is a bit more fun / challenging.

Also I've never seen a black phantom myself I think, and also I've only seen 1 vagrant ( or whatever the crabs are called )

Also, check how strong they are !

I've gotten a few black phantoms, thankfully, none in annoying places like Tomb of the Giants.

I've seen 3 vagrants, but only killed one. The other two surprise attacked me.

I've seen 1 vagrant (just a few days ago) when I accidentally warped to altar of the sun, had never seen one before...he dropped 1 humanity....Saw a black phantom a month ago or so (scared the crap outta me) running from the black smith to the gargoyles....he was hiding behind the wall to the right just as you go in by that should've seen me run the other way & scream like little girl!!

Wait, so are black phantoms related to gravelord servants? Thats what I got from that video... never seen one, then again I am almost always hollow. I've seen vagrants before.

^ When a gravelord puts down a gravelord sign, it will pick 3 random players ( Or 2 maybe ) and place black phantoms in their world. You can then find the gravelord sign and invade their world to kill them, and get rid of the black phantoms in your own world.

Thinking about it, I've invaded a gravelord multiple times in a row in anor londo, but I have no memory of seeing a black phantom...

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