Black Ops/Xbox live is broken

I play hard core TDM and I'm sick of watching players run through my bullets. If you are not on four green bars and the other team is you are pretty much guaranteed to lose. 80% of games are ones where one side has 4 green and the other 2 yellow bars.<br> <br>

Also there's bunch of cheaters who form parties, who have host, who are almost 10th prestige, so pretty much every game they play they will win against the other team.  In my opinion this is cheating because they are exploiting the way the game works to ensure they win all the time. As soon as these parties run into a group of better players who beat them they leave, so they're always on the prowl to be up against random players thrown in  against their party who are usually weaker players and ones with bad connection.




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Uh yeah, it's always better to play against randoms than a full party.

When in doubt, blame lag.