black ops/mw2

Map packs are so thrilling but dont you get tired of using the same camos and weapons? I know I do, it would be the greatest thing ever if there were WEAPON PACKS!


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Help spread the word, will you? This could be the beggining of something big!

nah thats not good dude trust me. out of al the fps games ive played i say no to the idea. then theyll have better weapons that people have to pay for so those with money will have stronger weapons and those that cant pay will by force have to stick with the weaker ones

Very true I agree with you 100%. Think about this tho, say they were certain game modes or map packs where only user with these weapons were able to play. New idea what if every map pack was equipped with a new set of weapons etc.. That way there would be no disadvantage.

That would be just like this game

It really isn't any fun to spend money on mappacks and weapons that would come with it. Not as many people would do it. But a lot of those who are willing to pay will.

I do think it's a good idea as the weapons do get very boring after a while, But as Rayne said alot of people that cant afford to spend 800 MSP on a few extra weapons will be at a disadvantage, So if they decided to make them free then Id be well up for that :) (but that will never happen)

Kelly @ How do they get boring? Unless you use 1-2 guns all the time like some people(Ak74-u and Famas) I see some people with these guns as their top 2 and each of them having 20,000 kills. The gun I have the most kills with is the MP5K and it's got like 5,500. I like it, but I don't love it hence why I don't have 20k kills with it. Those noobs, I really don't understand how someone could use the same gun all the time? I don't know about you, but that would bore the hell out of me. I use just about everything with the exception of LMG's because they're not my thing.

All right, back on topic. I don't see them ever having a weapon pack, but who knows? I don't think they'll be in mw3... but like you said spread the word and the devs might hear you out for the next CoD(if there is going to be one lol)

Wouldn't a weapon pack split the community even further like the map packs do? They would have to make it so people who didn't bother can't pick up DL weapons off the floor from the people who did.

Even if they did make a weapon pack the guns would probably be clone guns like half the weapons already available in Black Ops.

Weapon Packs?  Sounds like Battlefield: Bad Company 2

There will never be weapon packs. This has been explained hundreds of time.


Yes, it will split the community even more so than map packs.


Also, there is no memory available for weapon packs. So while you may think it's a good idea, both Treyarch and IW do not and I doubt you'll be seeing it in future CoD releases.

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