black ops zombies

i just want ed to know if there is any one out there looking to team up for zombies im  looking to breaking into the 30/ 40 rounds

but more the i looking for people that can play zombies so if that is you let me  add me and could play soom


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sure man

add me - best round was 19 but host quit game on us - i struggle to do well because i find most people go straight to mystery box and im left opening doors to power and jug etc

I'm having trouble finding good zombie players. I've no problem working as a team so add me if you like.

hit me up to play zombies current high on moon round 42. I am looking for others who want to hit high rounds with easter egg.


Add me also I would love to play but I keep connect to douche bags who always play for themselves. Your not gonna last long in a Zombies map if you are worried just about yourself with other players.  My best map is Ascension, but I'm always willing to play other maps so add me plz!!

zombies is a team game if you play for your self you will most likey go down you need to revive orther players worktogether to pack a punch,do easter eggs and survive if one goes down you need to fend of the zombies by your self and try to survive to revive that player and to survive against the maps hazard it might be zombies and fly trap being the minor hazard and moon man, excvater, nelpalm zombies, sheiker zombies, geage romao, space monkeys, phasing zombies, gas zombies, dogs, icy water, swamp water, no air zones, na mans land ant MDT if your gonna play for your self you might as well be playing solo if you plainig to help orther players survive the co-ops is for you and remeber 10 pounts per hit.

no man lad and MDT

no man land and MDT