Black Ops Weapons Drawings. (no pics or links)

Aside from video games, I like to draw. I'm quite good and after about a... ... 7 year hiatus, I've gotten my mojo back and am in full force. Right now, I thought I'd do detailed and life-like paper&pencil drawings of some of the weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops. I just randomly drew two of my favorites, the SPAS-12 (without the silencer) and the C75D with extended mag. But I think I might want to make it into a project.

So any suggestions of favorite weapons and attachments? I can google images for any underbarrels or misc. attachments to see how they properly fit onto the given weapon. Secondary weapons too... I don't have a scanner, but if I find a way to upload them, I'll try and do that. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions in advance. :)


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well i'll suggest a shotgun or magnum because are my fav weapons in FPS  games but i don't know if Magnum appears in BO. Would be nice if you post your drawings.

snub nose python and galil w/ silencer

I'd dig an image of the MP44 from Call of Duty 4, though it's not from Black Ops. If we're using Black Ops alone, I'd go for the Walther WA2000, if possible. It would be a cool gun to have a large, high-quality drawing of.

meh my request is to zany for weapon art >_>


I loved the black ops UZI. It's not that easy to dominate with and it's a challenge.

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Spectre with the grip and silencer attachment...easily the sexiest gun in the entire game.


I could do them all, but I doubt I will... and it will take too much time. I guess I'll do the Python next since a few requests so far... I think I'll do one w/ ACOG. More textures and depth. Maybe I'll do a snub nose too. Keep the "votes" coming. I like detailed ones like the Spectre w/ grip and silencer.--That is sexy. And I'll try and find somewhere I can scan them. If I ever do, I'll have a mod edit them in my original post.