black ops VS call of duty 4 - you decide

let me know what you think is better pleaseeeeee


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I get to decide? Jeez Ive never had this much power before I don't know what to do.

what does this have to do with black ops?

let me be the first to say.... JUNK!!!

I ALWAYS play the "newest" COD the most.

Hmm, Blk Ops isn't infected yet... And CoD4 has the clap.

Without watching your video link (and between those 2), I'm gonna go with Blk Ops.

Why do people start stupid threads?

You can no longer compare cod 4 with anything the game is so hacked up.  I watched my nephew play cod 4 the other day and the map was done over with a spongebob theme, op 4 was a bunch of patricks and the good side was spongebob.  They were shooting rocks at each other.  This is how hacked cod 4 is.  Black ops is still unhacked and playable.  But as with all cod games we will have to see what happens to black ops in 2012.