Black Ops Super Lag! WOO

this is pure ridiculous.


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Horrible quality to try and make a point.  I can't tell what the first shot was, and the second shot looked like a run of the mill lucky shot through some cover.

I'm not at all sure what that video was supposed to portray (really terrible quality), but nothing looked out of the ordinary.  If you want to talk about "Super Lag" just talk to Shockwave.  Last night in a Team Tac Domination he starts lagging badly and begins doing the bomb-plant animation, complete with beeping noises.

You are using theater mode which is what makes it look so laggy. My sniper shots always look a little off in theater mode like that even though in the actual match I was right on them when I fired.

it looked like that in the real game, cause if it didn't, why would i go record it? and nothing looks unordinary? i guess its normal to dome someone who aiming 10 ft away from their head.

I guess you are new to online gaming? Theres this thing called LAG, and it happens. Fortunately my internet is OK and I dont get the lag too bad, too often, but its there on and off, no biggy.

i have a 20 mb download and 6mb upload so my internet is pretty good, and im always for bar, i just don't see how even with lag that shot is possible lol

Lag is my friend, I feed it cookies.  How dare you mock Lag LOL

Every time, before I start to play Black Ops, I always check my Internet connection. If the ping is below 50 it's good to play. It's awful frustrating playing with lag.

Aside from the obviously terrible quality, you can plainly see the sniper shot NOWHERE near the persons head who yes, bad lag which happens.