Black Ops "Terminator/Predator" [HD] Sniper Montage

Hey fellas, i put this together in after effects and vegas pro 10. Took a lil over a week, hopefully someone enjoys this.


 Im not sure how to actually post the video INTO this thread, if anyone wants too be my guest.



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I assure you nobody cares.

[quote user="Sindocouger"]

I assure you nobody cares.


Not true, Gumby cares.


I'd rather suffer through this ear infection with no antibiotics than watch this montage.

Just confirms my thoughts of the sniper rifle.  You don't need to hit someone to kill em.  Great video tho.

I can appreciate the work you put it, but as others said it really does just remind me of one of the two things I truly hate about CoD:  QS and shooting someone forty times and them stabbing me.

   I have to go with the majority too .........

    Nice work .......... but just not my cup 'o tea.

   Had to stop it half way through

Did I just watch the trailer to Inception again? O.o


Anyways, a bit too much CC. Watching it was about as rough as eating half a bag of Garden Tomato and Basil chips.

should have captured the footage in hardcore gameplays so there wouldnt be so many  pop ups