black ops freezing

for some reason by xbox loves freezing while i play multi player on black ops.   it rarely takes longer then 30 seconds for it to do so.   i've swapped games,  put my hard drive on another xbox    brought my xbox to another place to see if it was my connection, cleared the memory cache.   anything else i can do?   this is the only game that freezes. 

thanks david


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Freezing is actually a pretty common problem for Xbox 360 owners.  I have a brand new 250GB Elite, yet I have experienced freezing on Black Ops.  For a few helpful tips, check out this article.

Xbox maybe ready to die or RROD. BOs and its 60 fps will push the console to extremes and maybe thats causing the freezing, but not totally sure.

Is this the only game you are having this problem with? Try playing other games to see if this freezing is just attached to Black Ops. If other games freeze as well, it could be a laser problem.

Mine freezes once in a while, I'm not sure why.  More recently though it's been saying that the disk is unreadable, I've taken care of this game since my MW2 got messed up.  Anyway, it seems a bit better now after downloading Black Ops to my hard drive.  I didn't know that you could do that, and wished some one told me.  So, if you haven't done it already give it a shot it might work.  You need about 2-4 GB of space.