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Hi guys,

I am a Black Ops Fan (including zombies) who mainly plays Hardcore. I am fed up of playing with randoms, getting team killed, and basicially trash talking kids insulting you every time you die, even when I have 50+ kills. I am looking to set-up a new clan of British and European Gamers. It will not be your typical clan. There will be no...


If you just want to have fun and play tactically and cleverly and don't mind communicating with team-mates and you really want to start kicking @@@ then friend request me on xbox live (The Symbiote) with the message clan member. All I ask is that you have a mic and are 18+ and mature. When the clan is bigger and stronger clan vs clan competions will be arranged for the more competitive members in large tournaments and we will of course play MW3 as well as from December. This could be the start of something great.

When we have enough members we can start to get fancy and have members in squads and so on. Also this clan is going to be really useful for helping other members with achievements. I only need 3 morel Black Ops Achievements myself, so I am not too bad at zombies!

Just a quick note there are no try-outs all mature gamers that want to have fun are welcome to join, I do not go by K/D ratio anyway, it is not a true reflecting of skill. I am currently 13th prestige, look forward to all the messages.

Best Wishes


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I challenge u to a hardcore match in Black Ops.

i run a clan called and play black ops in fact i also run a game league with a 4v4 Black Ops league have a look

Thx.  I'll get a look at those

I have been wanting to join a clan. I have stayed at 1st prestige for some time.