Black Ops Call of the Dead - "Quiet on the set" achievment

I got the Escalation map pack no too long ago and do not know how to get the "Quiet on the set" achievment. All of my friends and anyone I play with on XBox live do not know either. Can some please shed a little light?


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you gotta kill George a romero , the best advice is to play on solo get a sniper or raygun off the mistery box , turn the power on, save 5,000 money and packapunch either the Sniper or Raygun, leave 1 crawler (that way you can focus on George) go near water and shoot George in the head untill his dead.

My advice for killing george is to fine a team of 4 that is willing to work together to kill him.  All of you buy the sickle and kill him with that. Take him in the water and all 4 of you sickle him at once. Every hit from each person inflicts the same damage as a Python shot.

It will take 3-10 minutes to kill him. His health goes up every level, so the ealier you do it the less time it will take.

Also he drops a perk bottle with every death (yes he revives, sad i know...) and you can use this to get ALL the perks. My friends and I did this a few nights ago. Got all perks without shooting him once. Makes the game easy and fun :)

He stays away for a few rounds.

I find Death Machines the easiest way to kill him, everytime i pick one up i give George 90% of it and just a few quick sprays to kill any nearby zombies.

Wheres the sickle by the way? Iv never actually seen it!!

The way I did it was a small headache, but I had used a pack a punch MP40 so I could by ammo when needed, which he took a full reload of, also used 3 resupplies of the m14 and a couple death machines. I completely ran out of ammo and finished him by panic knifing him (which nets you 10 pts each time you make him rage) to get enough to by one more m14 reload which finished him off.

I have never personally seen the sickle but I just read that it is supposed to be right by the Speed Cola. 0 . 0 Can't believe I never noticed it. And I can't wait to get it now. :D

Ive heard the sickle is near the lil shack outside of the bottom of the lighthouse. If not there, the area that is IMMEDIATELY to your right when you first board the ship. There is a boat blocking the path..claymores are there I hear as well. Ive never used either.

the sickle is down the ice slide under the lighthouse and right across the speed cola machine on the wall. first weapon i buy and is a instant kill until round 10. racks up enough to hit the box, turn on power, and get jug, which by then it should be around 13-14th round then start upgrading. i just stick to a big open circle going from spawn, down the slide in lighhouse to front of ship back to spawn. awesome run path. gets me to high 20's everytime.

So just wondering, do you lose your sickle when you get downed?

No, its just like the bowie knife on kino and the sickle on ascension. If you get killed you lose it (along with everything else) but being downed only makes you lose perks and points