Black Ops 3 (zombies) Anyone Else Having These Issues?

Here are a list of problems I've been experiencing with the game. I already tried talking to "Support" and they weren't very helpful, in fact the "helper" only had one suggestion for me, and that was to check my NAT type. Well if I hadn't tried everything then I wouldn't be attempting to get assistance. 

This only pertains to the Zombies part of the game.

1. Can't hear people talking in Lobbies, or talk back to them.

2. Cannot see the count down timer for matches to start before a zombies game.

3. (Probably the most annoying) If I'm in a game with someone who uses a (mega) gumball I happen to have it takes mine. Here is an example of what happened today.

I played a solo game and got 2 LD's spent them and got 2 Phoenix Up and 1 Perk Cola drop. and probably a few Burn Out's (missing 3 of those)

After that I decided to play a 4 player game. During that game someone used a Perk Cola and Phoenix Up Gumball. 

After that game was over I went and spent my LD's and checked my Mega's...both my PU's and my PC were gone!

So now I have to play solo games in the fear that my Gumballs will be used against my will. 

Fix your issues Treyarch/Microsoft. I really cannot stress that last one enough, because I'm trying to save my gumballs and having them used when I'm not using them is making for a pretty lonely experience when this game is supposed to be team oriented. Thanks for reading, and please give some feedback.


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it still a fairly new game, remember there will always be bugs to fix, and am sure they are working on fixing the issue, they always do... all we need is for our fellow gamers to post this issues and let it be known... and for that I thank you very Much