black ops 2

How do people talk good about this game when the server does nothing. I have a brand new copy and all this crappy game does is freeze up or disconnect you from the server how can it be any fun. If you make a game thats supposed to be good then prove it by fixing your damn piece of s#%t server so everyone can play. 


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yes, the game does not work for the 490,000+ online right now. it's probably your xbox that is the problem.

Never once had it freeze on me.  Server disconnections happen, but it's not that often.  Surely the 10 million people that bought the game the week it came out are all playing it because it's such and awesome freeze and disconnect experience.  Surely they're all praising that aspect of the game.  

Call your isp provider or get a new xbox. Good luck, and excuse the ahole replies.

I'm pretty sure the people who have good things to say about this game are hired Microsoft/Xbox shills. The server doesn't work, it disconnects constantly in the middle of games, and is probably programmed to dump info so you are encouraged to BUY credits. DON'T!! DON'T BE AN ENABLER! No matter how well my internet connection is working, this server goes down constantly. Whoever maintains this server should be given a new career... garbage collector or something where they don't have too much responsibility.