Black ops 2 Season Pass Nuketown Zombies

Hi, I tried to download the nuketown zombies map for black ops 2 with the season pass, but when the download gets to about 98% it glitches and go's back to 0% and then back to 100% after it has done this it says "cant download Nuketown zombies" does anyone know how I can fix this?


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Nuketown zombies aint ready yet m8.

Unless they've released it today as i haven't checked yet.

After i downloaded The Season Pass its said i could download Nuketown Zombies, but when i tried that happend.

Yeah mines just done the same also :(

its probably a glitch on the map pack it will probably be fixed later because its only 8 in america (btw i dnt live there)

Good point Kraft but i would of thought that the servers and every thing else are already up and running as ZNT has been active since the game launched.

I would of thought they would of at least tested for errors before rolling out the DLC :(

Unless its like some of the previous DLC they've been there to DL but not activated, fingers crossed we get it today thou.

I aint happy about it at the moment as ive just sent the Tv remote up the wall its getting to the point with COD series that we're getting face planted with every release.

If its not hacks its cheats if its not cheats its boosters then we have to make do with the Op sniper rifles that kill 1 shot to the body! ridiculous.

Wouldnt mind but in core theres no way it should be 1 shot an don't get me started on the LC lol

where do u go to download it? i have the season pass nd it should come out this week.

Pretty sure it's just a placeholder to be ready for its release. There hasn't been any announcement by treyarch yet, so they haven't quite released it yet. I understand that you guys really want it but you'll probably wind up being disappointed, it's only fun for like the first 5 times you play it.

Yeah, I'm wondering too how you guys navigated to a screen that even allowed you to start downloading nuketown zombies? Like go to marketplace for the game or something? A step by step guide would be nice. Thanks.

You go to the same spot as you would to purchase the season pass. It's on the in game menu.

Hmm, not there for me.

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