Black Ops 2 Replaying Missions Question

So recently, I started going for achievements on the games I have and so I started with Black Ops 2. I did happen to fail the challenges and stuff to get the achievements (like the CIA file in Time and Fate) so IS IT POSSIBLE TO GAIN THOSE MISSED ACHIEVEMENTS BY REPLAYING MISSIONS?


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You can get the mission challenges achievement through replay mission, as long as you don't start a new campaign. Others that require different story outcomes can be done through the rewind story feature. Anybody can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm trying to work through these achievements as well.

^^That is right,I got the story ones by rewinding.Really can't be bothered with the challenges and intel though.

^^ I decided to do that just for kicks. Anyways getting those achievements may require you to replay certain missions over and over. Time consuming but you feel better when you're done.