Black Ops 2 pre orders questions

Anyone know what retailer is giving away the best bonus stuff for pre ordering BLOPS2?

For BLOPS2 pre orders, I know so far Best Buy is giving away exclusive dog tags, is giving away a free BLOP2 wall paper and GameStop is giving away a free poster and 4 waves of some bonus offers. Have you heard of any other give-a-ways for pre ordering BLOPS2?  I usually choose where I buy my COD games by which store gives away the best pre order stuff.

Also, has Treyarch announced any info on the type of Editions BLOPS2 will be sold?  I haven't heard anything about a Hardened or Limited version of the game yet.   The Hardened Edition of MW3 was a pretty decent deal.  Hopefully BLOPS2 will have the same sort of offer.  Thanks. 


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I haven't seen anything really, but I would like to hear about the Hardened Edition as well.

there are still 6 months to release

closer to release date the offers get better in my op

Gamestop  Wave one includes a mw3 prestige token/ poster.

I just did my BLOPS2 pre order at GameStop.  Just like CODukes4 said, I got wave one which was a 2 sided BLOPS2 poster.  One side is the orange image of the lady w/ shotgun holding a zombie skull.  The other side is the photo used on the BLOPS 2 game cover.  I also got a code for a free MW3 prestige token.  I cant wait to see what wave 2,3,and 4 are.

Treyarch/Activision haven't announced any info on the BLOPS2 Hardened addition yet.  The GameStop guy said once the Hardened addition is announced, GameStop will call the people on their pre order list to see if you the Hardened edition or a regular copy of the game.  This way the people on the pre order list are assured to get a copy of the Hardened edition if they want it.  

be aware, you must go to the actually store in order to get the prest. token.  I ordered online and they told me i'd need to go to the store, cancel my online order, put $5 on pymt for pre-order and sign up for powerup rewards.  this is a joke, what a pain in the ***, i'll pass and just wait for the game.

From the video I watched at gamestop, it looks like they will have all the good stuff.  Pre-order as soon as possible.  But you may want to post these comments on black ops 2 in the black ops forums where you at least have a chance on possibly someone from Treyarch listening.  Most loyal treyarch fans who know things don't come to the mw3 forums.  

I got mine at Gamestop because they have the best so far but i heard that if u havent gotton the preorder they have gave away all the prestige token and not give them with any more preorders well that at the gamestop in st.louis mo usa