|| BLACK OPS 2 || Looking for GOOD players / team mates || West Coast IF possible ||

I am not one to sound or be elitist. I actually hate it. But after so long of playing with terrible people, I kind of have no choice.  I want to have fun. I'm looking for some solid players. Good players. I don't want to play with scrubs, as it's put lol. I want to win and have fun doing it.  I didn't play much MW3 I thought the game was trash. Last IW game I purchase. I ended with a 2.2 k/d and a 1.8 w/l This was all solo play. If you're laid back, mellow, down to earth gamers, and are BEASTS lol at the game. Shoot me a msg on XBOX and FR if you fit the bill. Lets pub stomp  ** I should also note that I am not looking for a clan, or game battles teams. Don't have the time for it. Plus with my work schedule and clans usually having 'attendance' policies, I don't think I'd last very long. ** __ Guess I should post a bit about me. I'm 28 from Northern California

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My brigade calls for us to post on the forums 5x a week (can be done in one setting) and play once a week. If that's managable, we'd love to have you at Revolution of Gaming. We have a lot of great teammates in our CoD brigades. We'd love to play Halo 4 & BF3 with ya, too. Here's our info thread.


Hope you decide to join!


yo inferno you need to stop *** hoging all the *** clanforums up!!!!

Should also add, that I don't like playing with "hot-heads" if you're constantly *** or yelling at people, I'm pretty much going to tell you to **** off.



Yo Momma Cx msg me if you still looking