Black ops 2 is like forest gump + Uprising

This guy describes BO2 perfectly,Also Uprising news,Surprised there's no threads on the DLC,Only 2 map names + Zombies are mentioned but i'm thinking they've just not released the names of the other 2 yet.

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Really? I'm thinking the exact opposite. This guy obviously MISSES most of his shots with the SCAR-H & blames it on the game - that to me doesn't sound like a guy who knows what he's talking about. He's just rambling on with his own opinion & how he only uses BO2 to keep his channel alive, which doesn't say much about him. There's a reason guys like XboxAhoy, Drift0r, TmarTn, WoodysGamertag, & Ali-A (among others) are far more successful...

I put my money on FAKE

I've run into that a lot with the SCAR and M27.   I'd watch this guy over Woody and his giving sex advice to kids crap.  

New DLC pass

It's real. It was in the source code on the callofduty website.  All we know is the names of two maps are Vertigo and Studio, and the zombies name is Mob of the Dead.  Anything else is just a youtuber pulling things from nowhere looking for views.