Black Ops 2 > Superbow?

Do you think Black Ops 2 is more entertaining than this year's Superbowl or any other superbowl in general? Why or why not?


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Not a chance. 49ers in Superbowl for first time in 19 years? Do you know how long I have waited for this moment? ummm 19 years!

Will not get to bed until 4am here in UK but deff  Superbowl, not even a question for me!

I'm a diehard Steeler fan so seeing the Ravens there is heartbreaking. Having said that, I'd  still rather watch the game. The Super Bowl is once a year. I can play this stupid game any time.

Super Bowl > Getting my eyelids tattooed > Eating a cake made of glass > Pooping after Mexican food > Black Ops 2 multiplayer

As a Cleveland fan I can't stand the fact the ratbirds are there.  Still I would rather watch the super bowl than play cod

Die hard Giants fan hope the 49ers lose! Go Ravens!

Superbowl>March Madness>Football National Championship>COD>World Series>NBA Finals>Stanley Cup>Masters>Womens Beach Volleyball Olympic finals>World Cup>WNBA>Halo

Watching the angry bandwagon 49ers fans blame the refs and whine is priceless.