Black Ops 2 game reset

Does anyone have any experience with your game unlock tokens being reset to nothing overnight?

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yeah. seems treyarch has pooh for brains and activision has nothing but greed in their hearts. Was everything fine until you played a local game? Return to multiplayer to find default classes? Only 5 default classes? With all permanent unlocks removed? previously usable weapons and perks unlocked but require tokens to use? Oh . . . and all of your hard earned tokens stolen? Titles and emblems all screwed up? Um . . . if you go to activision's forum you will find they've known about this for 2 months. You will also find that activision refuses to respond any of the complaints. Release new map pack for a broken game. OK. A track record is being established here. WaW and Moderen Warfare over-run by tinkerbells flying and swimming thru dirt taking no damage. Unplayable but Activision still markets them. Microsoft still sells them thru Xbox live service. You can't expect anything different with any of the CoD titles. Take a hammer and smash your copy of BO2 into a fine powder and mail it back to Activision with your opinion of the product of their labor. ANd before you buy another product of activision think of your experience so far.