black ops 2 disc is unreadable but xbox reads everything else

So the problem started to happen about 2 to 2 1/2 months ago my xbox started to have problems reading my black ops 2 disc it would take a couple tries then it would work, ( i installed the game when i first got it from pre-order when it actually worked) But unfortunately the problem progressively got worse, as well as confusing it reads every game, movie  or cd except for the bo2 disc.  As the problem got worse it would take longer and longer for it to work having to open and close the disc drive, now finally the game has officially stopped being readable.  I sent in my xbox to be cleaned thinking that was the problem (even though every other disc worked) i still sent it to be cleaned and by the time i received it the problem was still persistant.  I have looked through the forums online and discovered that i'm not alone in this problem, I have a 360 arcade version older xbox and from what i have read most everyone who has an older xbox is having the same issue but i have yet to read or find a solution that actually works.  I would blame the xbox except as mentioned earlier it reads every other disk i put in it even some with scratches i received from my sister.  My black ops disc is in perfect condition no scratches or smudges anywhere on the disc, i also have halo 4 which works so its reading new discs without issue except bo2.  Normally this wouldnt matter to me but i pre ordered the game for pre order price and now i am unable to play my disc.  I have cleared the system cache and deleted the update (no luck) i have put the game on a different memory unit (again no luck).

So i would apprieciate if someone has found an actual solution or reason as to why this is happening... its a wonderful game and enjoyable but i am unable to play please help.



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