Black Ops 2. 4 player co-op campaign like COD:WAW?

This is Treyarch so I am really hoping this will have a 4 player co-op campaign. From what I have heard in the interview, it doesnt sound promising.  


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At this point blops 2 could be a disaster.  I will do what I did with mw3 and just wait a few weeks after launch and read reviews of the game.  Treyarch is a good developer, they just need to do their own thing and not follow Iw/sledgehammer!

I will be renting it anyway but I was hoping it at least had a 4 player co-op campaign again.  I havent bought a COD game since WAW. That was the last COD game IMO.  

After hearing and reading even though I'm skeptical of the setting im pretty sure the game will be just as good if not better then black ops and with 8 man zombies it's very possible to have a 4 player campaign

think that could be it for cod for the older generation (older than 16 years of age) i see they are bringing silly killstreak packages etc..with that and the futuristic setting or some of it..could be the end for us.