Black op Issue

Hey guys i was wondering if anybody else had this issue?

I get kicked out of a game and it says you must be logged in to xbox live to play

it happened about 2-3 times today, it doesnt happen every game, but i was just wondering if anybody else went through this today?

thanks for the feedback


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Not today but it has in the past.It seems to happen every once in a while if you are experiencing extreme lag in your Internet connection,try resetting your router ;)

I have experienced it before as well, but it seems to be an infrequent bug. I haven't noticed it due to extreme lag or anything along those lines, but it seems to happen after some issue encountered by the host. Perhaps they're signing out of their profile to end the game or something; I'm not sure but it is annoying when it comes up!

it has happened to me infrequently as well.

I think it happens to us all. Never really could pinpoint the exact cause.

ever since last nite i've a similar problem its kinda like XBL is about to go down or something because every game I try to play has some sort of issue