Black List Gaming looking for players!!!

We play on PS3, XBOX360, and PC. Must be 13 years or older. Our clan doesn't believe in cheaters or hackers. Blacklist Gaming is a gaming website that offers a variety of benefits for a assortment of gamers. However, what we find essential for any clan is three key benefits: dedication, community, and respect. We at Blacklist Gaming standby these three codes and build the clan and its members around them. Dedication: At Blacklist Gaming, we are dedicated at everything we do. We provide every gamer with everything they could possibly need and more. On our forums is where the main force of our clan resides. It is here where everything is done. With our forums, we have constant communication and moderation for all members. We also have different departments that help BLG ensure that every member is receiving everything they need while residing in BLG. Whether it be tournaments, competitive gameplay, communications, events, or anything else, the members at BLG are dedicated on making sure all members have exactly what they need. Community: Blacklist Gaming is all about community. We build our clan as a family and every member is a part of it. Everyone that applies to Blacklist Gaming is welcomed by the members of BLG as a new part of the family. To build our community, we have forums and online gaming. Each are vital to give members the feeling of being within the community. The forums provide communication through different topics and categories. All members have access to the forums and allowed to post their thoughts, opinions, or something they found interesting. The forums are one of ways to create our community. For online play, members will often be asked to join a game or add another member upon registering for a game. With online play, it helps use form a bond with our new applicant and help them be welcomed into our family. No one is left out; no one is left behind. Respect: Here and Blacklist Gaming we are all about respect. Every member respects every other member. No one is excluded from this. We want all members and future members to be welcomed at BLG and have a sense of pride. We want every member to feel that they have a home here and can count on every member to respect them as they would respect any other member. Each member is given the same respect as the next as soon as the apply. We do not judge people vaguely and accept everyone as they enter. If you respect us, we will always respect you. Thank you for reading our summary. If you would like to become a part of this growing clan, please follow the link below and fill out an application. We hope to hear from you soon.  Make sure you tell them Megabish sent you  ;)


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We need you!! :D come check us out!!