black knight sword stats??

I was wondering what are the stats you need to use the black knight sword in one hand and can you use it in one hand


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Black Knight Sword is 20 str and 18 dex.  And, that's for 1-handed.

Its not very good tbh, looks cool though.

what's the best weapon then

There is no best weapon.  If you like the BK sword, then use it.


I suggest you find a weapon where you are comfortable with the moveset and go with that.  Upgrade it to get the maximum damage you can get.  Also, have some backup weapons for different situations that you might run into.  Sometimes slow, high damage weapons are good and sometimes it's better to have fast weapons.  Also, mind your stats and how the weapons scale.

I used that sword for my whole first playthrough. For my end character that has str60 and dex40 strongest one was the Great Lord Greatsword(Gwyn soul) then +15 Claymore. BK Sword is ok until you have around 40dex then use a +15 Claymore since it also scales better with dex.