Black Crow Society Recruitment

Hello I'm the leader of the clan so I'm going to give you the basic information you need to know about my clan.


1. No Drama.

2. No Cheating.

3. Be Respectful.

4. No Overkilling Bodies.

5. No Racism or Discrimination.

6. Do NOT discuss illegal use of drugs or alcohol.

7. BCS remains neutral with all other gaming community on Xbox live.

8. If you do not follow the rules or show up for mandatory events, you will be kicked out of the clan.

Events: Only show up for inspections and meetings.

1. Monday-Inspections-Mandatory

2. Tuesday-Training-Optional.

3. Wednesday-Meeting-Mandatory.

4. Thursday-Flag Officer Meeting-Mandatory for only Flag Officers.

5. Friday-Game Night-Optional.

6. Saturday-Tournament-Optional.


1. Call of Duty-Black Ops, Hardcore, Objectives, Special Ops, Zombies.

2. Halo-Assassins, Forging, MLG, Sniper, Swat.

There are awards in this clan that you can earn by ranking up in the clan or doing something in the clan or in a events and there are points that come with the awards that you can save up.  If you want to be in my clan please post a message on this forum and please sign up on the clan website.  If you join please send me a friends request on Xbox live and you must be 13 or older to join.


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Dumb rules and mandatory meeting the clan is full of kids that have too much time