Bizarre Glitchy Pistons

I notice a fair amount of bizarre glitches in the Xbox 360 pistons.  I have a device where three pistons smash into 3 stick pistons.  Most of the time it works just fine, but every now and then the middle piston will push the opposing sticky piston back one space.  Odd.  I've also noticed circumstances where the pistons themselves will become invisible for a short while, although they still continue to move the blocks. 


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Now if they can fix the glass when looking at it from a distance.

Looks like 4J Studios has stated that a fix might be coming in two weeks re pistons!  See

Just notced with my double door pistons I couldnt shut them due to no power going to my redstone stick then noticed it was because my pressure plates wouldnt spring back up,, very strange..

Try putting a furnace or some obsidian behind each piston, if possible.