Bizarre Game Mechanics Involving Bonus Chest

I discovered something odd this week about the bonus chest.  I ignored the bonus chest when I started by world.  Later on, I decided to move my spawn point 30 blocks higher by building a floating wooden platform directly above the spawn location--part of a larger skybase.  So now, when people spawn, they spawn onto a large floating wooden platform 30 blocks off the ground.  When I saved the game and re-entered the world, the bonus chest suddenly appeared on my wooden platform in the sky.  I certainly was not expecting that. 


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Is that really bizarre? The whole point of the chest is to give you items to get you started when you spawn in, so they obviously have it set to move with the spawn point.

Perhaps "bizarre" was the wrong term.  More like "unexpected."  I had thought the bonus chest location would have been fixed at world generation, but now I know that it is not.  It's location can be moved around without phyiscally touching the chest.