Bite bug

Okay so this is the second time ive been told I can't bite my allies (im a werewolf) and I've literally yet to bite another player except for animals I need to feed on. Is there anyway someone can remove this weekly bite from my active effects once and for all?


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okay I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear but I have the blood moon perk and I can bite people only problem is I can't because it keeps saying I've already but an ally when I haven't bitten anyone, I want to bite my friend but I can't because this keeps popping up

You ALSO have to be level 6 (I think it is) in the wolf skill line with the proper skill purchased

see the thing is I havet bitten anyone I reiterate ANYONE yet it says I have

He can only do one bite per week on fellow players...  Thats how Bethesda has it set up, unless they remove it, your going to be limited to that one bite per week..

Little lost as to what's happening. When you try to bite someone it says you can't? Do you have a point in the passive needed?