Bit new to Xbox...

So far I own:

Halo Reach: Love it
Gears of War 1-3: Like 1, hate 2/3
L4D2: Like it
RDR: Like it
Halo ODST: Aside from the controls, i like it.

What are some other decent multiplayer games (preferably exclusive, since I own a PS3 as well and know of all the bigger third party games like BF and CoD) for this system besides GoW and Halo? Next game I'm probably grabbing for this system is MW3 (BF3 on PS3), so i'm slightly stumped what to get next.

EDIT: Crap, this is my old account, question still stands though, just a mistake :D


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Forza Motorsport 4 , try the demo

Best co-op experiences, in my opinion:

GRAW 1 & 2 - new Ghost Recon coming in March

Portal 2

Resident Evil 5

CoD Black Ops: Zombies

MW2 & MW3: Spec Ops

Crackdown 2:  laid back experience. Just a blast to enjoy the game with other players.

Arcade: Crimson Alliance, Assault Heroes (first one only), Final Fight, Streets of Rage, Castle Crashers, Splosion Man 1 & 2



Best Multiplayer:

CoD, Halo, GoW, Street Fighter IV, Forza, Snoopy: Flying Aces (incredible dogfighting aerial matches)

Surprisingly - Transformers 3 and War for Cybertron have AWESOME deathmatch battles.  I was shocked at how much fun these matches can be.

Yeah, totally getting MW3 for Xbox, Not to keen on fighting games, Especially Capcom ones. Dunno why, just don't like em, last one I enjoyed was MK 9 on PS3, that game kicked @@@ imo. Forza... I didn't like GT5 on PS3 very much, Will I like Forza any better? Can you use matchmaking/non career earned garage cars in Forza, or do you gotta grind in the single player before MP like in GT5? It's not that I don't like the game play, it's just I didn't like the MP lol.