BioWare Pulse MP Video

Multiplayer blah blah blah, Casey Hudson blah blah blah.


Oh, and a Turian Husk at 2:56 - 2:58. That's the real reason I posted this.


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•Being able to explore and fight alongside your friends in the Mass Effect universe has always been something we thought would be fun and compelling, and many players have asked for it for a long time as well.

Uh... who?

Thanks for the linkage Jelldernaut, more PR Damage Control but there's something about Casey Hudson that, dare I say, I trust.  If he was indeed forced into making this happen by the powers that be, I believe that he'd do anything possible to make the transition as pleasing as possible for us.  These people that have sweat blood on this project since its inception care a little more than about the money.  For those who own the 'Platinum Hits' bonus disc for MASS Effect 1, go back and listen to some of those interviews and it's very obvious that this is a tight nit group that considers not only each other as family, but the millions who play their games in the same regard as well.  I'm not convinced that they planned for this from the beginning, but I believe that it's been a long time in the works...:-)    

To be perfectly honest? Casey didn't sound all that convincing to me. The fact that he verbally went about in circles- didn't instill a lot of confidence in me. I don't mind the multiplayer aspect, but man, what he was trying to say got me twitching my fingers.

Planning it from the beginning makes sense, though. Pinnacle Station was sort of a SP trial run for leaderboards and horde-type gameplay. It just sucked, is all.

Anyway, I want to kill that Husk.

It's also been revealed (by EA) that the multiplayer facet of the third game is tied to the Online Pass content. Meaning, if you don't buy it new you don't get access to it.

You'd have to think that they've learned from that mistake (Pinnacle Station), there's alot of pressure on them to justify this altered course and going by their many advances in game development over the years, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt...:-)

I don't believe anything Casey Hudson says. He was one of the Bioware people who swore blind that there was plenty of DLC coming for the first Mass Effect after Bring Down the Sky was released.

Then we got Pinnacle Station, which wasn't even made by Bioware but rather Demiurge who did the PC port of the game, and the tune suddenly switched to "that's your lot."

My benefit of the doubt toward Bioware was burned by that.

I truly hope that this 4 player co-op turns out to be a strong story based addition to the game. However more than likely it will be a shallow 'Horde' mode put in to sell map-packs.

Back in the day of the first game, there wasn't many games that offered as much in the way of DLC as the first game did deliver.  Compare it to what's been released in recent years is an unfair comparison...:-)

How it is unfair. Casey Hudson told us that there would be plenty of DLC to come for the first Mass Effect after Bring Down the Sky. He lied, one piece is not plenty.

It's unfair, because there was no 250GB HD for the XBOX back then, and what they offered up for the first game is more than what other games at the time were delivering, it was very much "plenty of DLC" back in 2005 or 2006 or whatever year it was...:-)

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