BioWare Pits Blonde Against Brunette in New FemShep Poll

Voting is now in the second round.

The blonde won but that seems to have been down to the hair style, rather than the colour.

So head on over to their Facebook page to vote for one of the four hair colours now on offer.

The black hair was where I cast my vote. 


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Like Leroy Jethro Gibbs (from NCIS, one of my favorite TV shows), I have a weakness for redheads... so my vote goes for the redhead. However, I'll be happy with black hair if that wins.

NCIS is one of my favourite TV shows, loved how Mike Franks went out.

I've always liked raven haired beauties though, so I had to vote that way.

Hopefully they'll let you tweak your Shepard this time around when you import. I'd love to give my Shepard that style. 

Black for me too! Love the edginess of it- even though I have a thing for redheads too!

I'm so jealous of your Normandy prop, Vote, and that double sided commander's stripes. Darn they're cool!

NCIS ftw (btw S8 on dvd this tuesday if you buy those)

and on topic,....well can't really comment as I dont have any femsheps as I have always seen Shepard as a male anyway. that and I highly doubt BW would let an ugly or just bad looking femshep go on the box art (or would they? :O )

I prefer the black hair.


On a side note I wonder who Dinozzo is investigating.

Im with Gibbs(love the show).

Who doesn't love that show?


I voted for the redhead...and so far it is winning.



i'm with VoteDC, I hope you can tweak your Shepard so we can at least have the hairstyle.  As for the color of the hair for the sake of the Collector's Edition, it makes no difference to me.  I just didn't like the buzz cut, slicked back ponytail and the "bob" hairdo from the previous poll.  I'm just glad they're using this hairstyle and this particular face for FemShep.

I'm with you there, Kid Megaman concerning the half-a**ed selection of broomstick mops as hairstyles made available. My FemShep is blond- well, because the other colors didn't look right with the style I had chosen- but to be different I tried the short 'boyish' hairstyle and 'lo and behold' she looked exactly like Francis, Malcolm's eldest brother, from Malcolm in the Middle! :D

Mine is blonde too, Ghost of Voltron!  When I first got ME1 on January of '08, my femShep had reddish-brown.  After a few hours of playing, I wasn't happy with the class I picked.  So I restarted.  And right before I was about to hit start on the character creation screen to begin the campaign, I changed it to blonde.  I did because I thought it looked better.  Plus I noticed there were no blonde squad mates, nor were there any other characters in the game with blonde, (well, except for Conrad Verner, but he's a knucklehead) - and I wanted my Shep to be different.

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