Bioware has been hacked



The list of computer game companies that have been subject to hacking just keeps growing. With news coming out yesterday that EVE online, Minecraft and League of Legends had their servers hacked, alongside websites 4chan and the Escapist going down. Today, we can add another to the list.

BioWare the developers behind several highly regarded games including Mass Effect and the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic, have had information stolen from their database. Hackers managed to find their way into a server for an old community forum for the game Neverwinter Nights and have possibly taken information on 18,000 users. While social security numbers and Credit Card details were not taken, names, addresses, email addresses and passwords were taken.

No one has claimed responsibility for the hack as of yet, but it should be pretty obvious. BioWare have announced that they are taking the threat seriously and apologized to anyone effected by this hack. What more can they do at this point? BioWare can only add their names to the likes of Sony, Codemasters, Nintendo, Bethesda, Epic Games and many others who have suffered from breaches in online security.

With no apparent leads in finding the hacking group, all companies and consumers can do is sit and ask ‘who’s next?


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Yeah, and Lockheed Martin had a security breach the other week too......... this is absolutely ridiculous

Wow that's terrible. And I can't believe that Lockheed Martin got breached. You would think that couldn't happen, as important as they are.

Hackers will never be stopped completely unless companies start taking extreme measures to prevent things like that happening, but even then they will simply find some other loophole.  Just as technology always advances, people will always find new ways to breach thought to be tight security.

Many of these attacks are somehow connected to someone on the inside, just how "successful" was this attack on Lockheed Martin?  They're probably under constant bombardment and are most certainly well fortified...:-)

Out of all the companies, Lockheed Martin is a defense contractor and would be the least of which I'd be worried about really important data/information being stolen.  Not that it can't happen as obviously something was breached, but nonetheless.

That's the field I wanted to get into, Cyber Security, but instead my lame self decided to do general technical support and now do Tier 2/Tier 3 support for a law firm. So sure I have a great job going for me, but now that all this nonsense is going on and has been going on for quite some time to be honest, a change in career paths might do me good as it'd be quite interesting day in and day out. For the most part... lol.

Now if only we could all be tech masters like Legion, this world would be a better place, maybe.

I don't know why, but this really scares me. Hopefully when it happens to microsoft (hope not), they will tell us immediately.

I guess what the scary thing about it is that we RELY so much on this technology for our everyday livelihood, I do have alot more confidence in Microsoft's abilities to deal with these problems.  Yes, nothing is hack proof, but they undoubtedly have some sort of plan B in place for something like say, XBOX Live, if it were to get hacked.  Sony is a large corporation spread abroad, thin in my opinion, over many different departments, whereas Microsoft has always specialized in software development.  They're second to none with expertise, and I'm sure the military recruits some of them regularly.  Alot of encryptions are based on the assumption that prime numbers have no "regular" pattern to them, but I've always doubted that to be true, and it's probably just as well that most people believe that theory...:-)

This is unfortunate. Never played NWN so I have nothing to worry about. Although, Social Security Numbers? What gaming service would require that info? Seeing every site getting nailed since Sony is upsetting me. And is making me lean more and more toward changing my primary email from my @yahoo address to reasigning my Windows LIVE ID and getting a hotmail @live address. Especially if any Microsoft site gets hacked. Luckily it was only the epic forums and not their gears of war website.

If microsoft get's hacked, they'll probably make us pay to hear all of the details. :\

^Lulzsec are generally a bunch of skiddies, so I'm doubting they'll risk it.


EDIT: J3ST3R supposedly hacked Lulzsec, for those of you out of the loop.

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