Bioshock 2 multiplayer

I recently actually beat Bioshock 2 and now I'm playing multiplayer.

I'm currently only rank 7 and I want to know if there's a way I can change my characters clothes?

I mean I know there has to be an actual way because I see others with different clothes masks etc etc.

Is there a certain rank I have to be before that? I don't know.

If you know then feel free to message me on Xbox. I will reply. Thanks. c: 



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Before you jump in to a multiplayer game you start in a room? ;oo. There you can change clothes and weapons by clicking on a thing

Yeah, but that's only selective clothes.

There's not much of a selection at all.

Just casual default clothes. I mean I see other characters with full on suits

and dresses that aren't available to me.

Here's an image to show you what I see.

There I found something ^-^.

But looks like you can only unlock weapons ;<

perhaps you have to buy for microsoft points

Is that a Bioshock book? XD

Nevermind didn't know Mask"" was outfits u_u. So you get new outfits for every 10th level.  10-20-30-40

Oh really? Alright. xD That's fine then. Thank you. c:

Yea some have to be unlocked by leveling up and also there are characters and outfits that you can buy off the marketplace.