Bing 200 MS Points? Where??

So like, i got an email from MS saying that if i regestered an account with their Bing site then I'd get a free 200 MS points as a promotion as a part of the Xbox Live Rewards program. So I did that... and didnt get the points. I followed the link in the email and input the code that was attached. I to the bing rewards points, butt he 200 MS Points were not credited to my Live account. Whats up witht hat?


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May 17 emails will start rolling out to redeem the points.

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ah. ok then, thanks.

I did it too.  I was actually kinda impressed with Bing and the new IE.  Ive been a firefox/google fan for years, just refused to look elsewhere but for free points, I gave it a try.  I honestly thought it was nicely done.

I did this as well I think it said on the page to expect an e-mail on June 17th explaining how to redeem the points.

Bing is awful.  :/

true, but 200 msp for clicking a few buttons is too nice to pass up. hopefully it works and i can buy that fortresscraft basically for free.

In order to get the 200 MS points, and 250 Bing rewards points, you have to be part of the program for at least 30 days. That is all within the ToS of the updated program.

I takes about a month for points to be credited to your account anyway.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360