How do I prevent purchasing of
Microsoft Points on my son's XBox Live account? The credit card info is loaded
from when I initially purchased an annual account for him. Tonight he purchased
800 and 400 Microsoft Points without my permission.


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Block your credit card and ask a new one and never give it to your son again.

And take away his xbox for the rest of the year.

If your son is on a child account, if he is younger than 18, then you can use the Parental Controls to limit what he can and can not do while on XBL. There are also Family Settings you can use as well. 

Thanks <b>Temhotabot</b>, I'll look into that.

You can also see about having the cc removed from the acct.

If you use Pre paid codes for your gold time then you do not have to have a card on file.

But, if it is also a child acct I would look the also into arental controls.