Biggest disappointment in 30 years of gaming

Actually I was prepared to go on a 5000+ characters rant about how disappointed I am with the one game that had tipped the scales in favor of buying an Xbox One rather than a PS4. But I'll make it short: In my opinion, "Halo 5: Guardians" is an absolute disgrace to what has been, since the very first game, my favorite FPS franchise. Or more accurately, my favorite gaming franchise overall. It's got more in comnmon with "Serious Sam" than any of its predecessors. And its technical shortcomings are so stupefying (in other words: this game is unbelievably ugly), I wonder how this could ever have passed QA...

Just to mention this: Since I got "Halo 5" one week ahead of the official streetdate, the 9GB (!) day one patch has not been incorporated yet. I have to play it strictly offline, otherwise the game won't start.


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You think Halo 5 looks so "ugly" that it is a bigger disappointment than MCC was?

Multiplayer is half of the game, so i'm not too fussed about that.

I would have to disagree OP.

I got my copy on Saturday and completed the campaign yesterday and for me personally it was absolutely awesome.

Hi Burg!

Oh well, the "MCC"... I'm pretty split on that. I absolutely enjoyed the SP Portion of it and never found time for MP. (I'm not too much into multiplayer, with the exception of "Titanfall") The one thing that made the MCC a major disappointment was the fact that saving checkpoints in split-screen co-op didn’t work (no idea if that’s been fixed by now) – and I hardly find the time to complete a level in one go. Since split-screen was the single best feature about “Halo”, this was quite a bummer.

As for “Halo 5” – well it doesn’t even offer split-screen, so there’s that. But I actually have to acknowledge that the campaign really takes a turn for the (way!) better at around level 6 or 7.

And I might be imagining things – but is it possible at all that the day one patch includes a major graphical update that was not “unlocked” the first time I played it? Because when my wife (who – other than me - was able to play with a running online connection) tried out the first couple of levels, I was pretty convinced they looked dramatically (!) better than on my go – especially the textures on some backgrounds like buildings, lava flows etc… This was also true for the cutscenes…

Having said that, I’m more or less about to make my peace with “Guardians”, even if I still think it’s a bit sub-par for the series.

Seems to be getting really good reviews.

Well, I think this game looks pretty, and I couldn't care less that people who got the game early can't play it online.  

Im pretty *** at this game.

Sat down with my kids to play some coop splitscreen.

I wouldn't have bought it if I knew that.

Not to mention it doesnt look or feel next gen... its the same game...again.

What a waste of time and money.

^ You expected split screen, on a next-gen game? Really?

heres a list of 129 coop splits for xbox one.

they're missing alot too.

little titles like Advanced Warfare... Star Wars battlefront...

so yeah, really...

Halo 5 multiplayer is a lot better than I thought it would be.

I've only played slayer so far but i'm really enjoying it.

Also dedicated servers mean no lag and fast matchmaking. Glad to see it has none of the problems the MCC had.

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