**Biggest Design Flaws**

Before I get started... I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT GAMEPLAY ISSUES people may have. This is purely design choices that have nothing to do with gameplay. 


1. Now one of the biggest issues I have currently is the design of the Commendations. At first, I loved them. They gave you a little idea of progress and rewards. But, now after a VERY long time of gaming, they are just designed far too much for the long term. Once you get to Gold... it's pretty insane.


I just got the Any Spree up to Gold. I checked it and for it to get to Onyx... it freaking QUADRUPLES! I mean really. That's an absolutely enormous jump. I'll most likely never hit that goal. 


Also, the Commendations aren't varied enough. Give some for each gun or something. Give people reasons to use the entire sandbox of weapons and not solely rely on the DMR. Add some Commendations for Objectives as well! This would make people actually go for it instead of just farming kills. 


I mean I'm not one to need my hand held ala Call of Duty and get rewarded for every little thing I do, but it'd be nice to get some sort of reward every 5-20 matches. Like every 300 kills with a certain gun nets you a small cR bonus or whatever. Just more things to achieve and unlock!


So, in summary, for Commendations they need to:


1. Make more varied Commendations. More categories, more levels, etc.

2. Make the Commendations have more "steps" in them. Not just super short to super long term. Make some medium ones.


2. Now, another thing that would be great is to apply Crysis 2's matchmaking/playlist system. They have it set up so you pick Team Slayer (I'll use Halo terms to avoid confusion), but along with that you also get to pick from different types. Solo, Fast Rounds, Normal, Classic, etc. 


Basically if you really enjoyed a certain type of game settings (Normal settings or Classic settings) you could pick any playlist and apply those settings to it. Same with Arena. They could have the Arena settings for only certain playlists like Team Snipers, Team SWAT, Team MLG and Team Slayer. Or they could go nuts and have it in Action Sack and Grifball, but I would be against that. Some playlists should just be for fun! 


Or you could pick to have no AA's in the playlists as well. Or Elites only. Basically you have the main playlists, and within those playlists you can apply different settings!


3. Obviously, the Armory. This is one thing everyone can agree on. More and varied armor pieces, like gloves and shoes or whatever. Also make the Elites have just as much as the Spartans. Changes to the HUD as well... pretty simple stuff there. I'm sure everyone can agree that more is better in this regard!


4. Finally, another thing everyone can easily agree on is the change of architectures in Forge World. Have more and varied colors and textures. Be able to apply whatever you want to certain pieces (Like a new look, blue colored, wartorn/ragged look, etc.) 


With this, another Forge World as DLC would be easily applied. C'mon Bungie, I think they're required to make at least one more DLC pack before all control is passed over to 343i so I would love to see a enormous, amazing Forge World as the perfect send off. 


I really hope Halo 4 makes some of the above mentioned changes. It would really reinvigorate the series for me, and possibly many other players who share my views!


Thanks for reading!


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Definitely, Great Ideas! I'd love to have be able to narrow down gametype choices, and get people to use weapons other than the default and power weapons. I gotta say though, These ideas do fit in the thread I made for Ideas for


I definitely agree with some stuff that you posted, however not all of it.


First off, commendations. I quite like the way they're set up now. Getting Onyx is SUPPOSED to be hard and take a lot of time. It shows dedication and effort (for most of them). Some of them do seem pretty ridiculous, but Onyx is considered elite. Some of them are harder than others, but they're challenges. I'm glad they aren't set up like COD. I mean 2500 kills with a weapon isn't that hard. Those are the ones that put more emphasis on using one weapon than these commendations. Because the commendations aren't specific. For example, getting 4000 kills with an automatic weapon. That's not limited to the AR. It could be the Needler, Plasma Repeater, Plasma Rifle, Spiker (some custom maps include Spikers), and anything else I'm forgetting. Precision weapons include the DMR, Needle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and I'm not sure about this, but I think the Focus Rifle too. So there are at least 4 different weapons for each of those commendations. It's all about preference.


I think the matchmaking and playlist setup for Reach is great. In the very beginning (I'm not sure how long you've been playing), as in release day, there were a limited amount of playlists. Team Slayer included Slayer, Classic, Pro, and SWAT to the best of my memory. But then people complained and wanted SWAT in it's own playlist, to which it was separated and welcomed. They then removed "Classic" games, and came back months later with a legitimate Classic playlist, with similar settings to that of Halo 3. A lot of the playlists you see today were part of other playlists originally. They were then separated because they were well enough to do good on their own. We have so many playlists mainly because the community wanted it this way.


The Armory is one of the most in depth customization features any game has ever had. There are millions of combinations of armor. Although, yes, they probably could've added a few more categories, this game is big enough as it is. I think the armory is fine as is, and I highly doubt it will be changing anyway.


I completely agree with the Forge World stuff. Looking at plain old gray and silver all the time doesn't make anything look attractive. More textures and categories would be awesome. Everything looks like it's supposed to be Forerunner, with a few props from the UNSC and Covenant. We need to be able to make the inside of a Covenant ship. Give us pieces from inside the Covie Corvette on Long Night of Solace or the map Zealot. Although it was a great and revolutionary concept, Forge World needs more. After a while it just looks boring and old.

To LOBAGOOBIE, yes there are some ideas for the next Halo and DLC in here, it's mostly about the design flaws of Halo: Reach that I laid out.


And to Noble, for the Commendations all I meant was to add more medium level ones. Keep Onyx at the extremely long range it is (I mean really, less than 2% of the community will ever reach it anyways) but add more Commendations in between that. And also make them more varied instead of having them all based on kills and none on Objective based games.


I've been playing since release and have been involved with the forums well before Halo 3 was released... oh those were the days I do really enjoy the set up of the playlists, basically what I want to add is picking settings for each playlist. Like Classic rules in Team Objective, or Arena rules in BTB. Oh and the Classic settings weren't anything like the Classic playlist we have now. But yeah the point is not to waste entire playlists for solely a change of rulesets and settings. I would love to have Arena in more than just The Arena playlist since I only like Invasion and BTB the majority of the time. 


My ideas for the armory would have to applied to Halo 4, but the Armory in Halo: Reach is pretty limited, especially on the Elite side of things. I didn't think anyone wouldn't agree that more parts for the Armory wouldn't be such a great idea, but hey whatever is good to you! And it's definitely not one of the most customizable games ever... Sure if you go for the not so noticeable things like having one of the first 2 wrist attachments or something, but it's not like there are any real massive changes you can make to your character. One of the most customizable games would be Mass Effect 2 or Brink. 



Omg haha I didn't even realize you were the OP Matt hahaha my bad! Damn these new forums and not telling us who the topic is by on the front page!

I definitely agree with objective commendations, but you also have to take this into consideration: the more rewards, the more likely team members will try to steal them from you (team killing/etc). Though Bungie has certainly upgraded the system since previous games, it still has it's loopholes.  

I must have been gone a long time, because this website has completely changed. for the worse. Oh my god.

Yay he's back! :D