Big XP wknds are BAD!?

am i the only person who thinks massive xp weekends sort of devalues the ranking system, im not a rank *** or anything im only level 50 and was 37 before this weekend, but i kinda dont like it, although people will say rank means nothing that is not true its there as a part of the game and although its not the most important thing in the world it is silly to ruin it by doing big xp weekends that mean someone could be a 100 and played less then a 60 and be a worse player.

cod does 2xp and that i guess is fine but it just seems stupid what epic do... i really hope gears 3 sees the end of these kinda things

like i said this isnt the most important thing ever but still anyone else got any thoughts on the subject?

ps i posted this in the gears 2 forum originally but i think its good to ask the question here to because it relates to gears 3 and there are more people here to offer there opinion


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I suppose it is a little too much, i mean like triple xp is fine but x20 and x30 is a bit extreme

They do it to sell DLC. People play that that wouldn't normally play online. And to play with most gamers you need the DLC.

You're right that rank does mean something whether it unlocks new equipment or just a fancy emblem, but having special events still promotes the game or it's DLC. During those weekends alot more people play and you can find games quicker and more easily and maybe meet new people and all of that brouhaha. An occasional weekend of double XP wouldn't do any harm whether you are a rank hound or not, but yeah...30x is juuuust a little much

the extra people they attract with the XP weekends are normally the sort you wouldnt want to play with and they wont come back on till the next one, so apart from slightly faster match making whats the benefit? anyway making a better game is the best way to get more people to play lol good job gears 3 seemed EPIC pun intended :D

Yeah it is a bit extreme for triple XP weekend let alone it will bring out people who use lag switch and use the DBS

I only like it because the level 100 achiev. unlocks stuff in gears 3, and I don't like Gears 2 online but loved the beta

meh its GOW 2 no one really plays this online so they figure lets add 30xp to bring people back for a bit

I just don't think rank reflects skill, as much as it does time spent playing the game. x 8bit Huntress is an example of that....she would be a 1, even though she has obviously played a lot more on another gamertag. You can tell she knows what she is talking about, more so than someone with a below 1k gamer score and doesn't show having played Gears at all. Just think how long 100 would take if it was always 1x, and not even the new default 2x. It maybe a little different if there was a cap to how much above or below your rank a person must be to play with you. But in Gears a 100 and play with a 1.


6,825,825 XP required!

To get to 100, from 1.

You would need:

Killing 45,506 people in Warzone, or...

Killing 46,435 people in Execution, or...

Killing 38,564 people in Wingman, or...

Scoring 9,751,179 points in Guardian, or...

Scoring 29,677,500 points in Annex, or...

Scoring 17,962,698 points in Submission.



Completing 68,259 waves on Casual, or...

Completing 45,506 waves on Normal, or...

Completing 34,130 waves on Hardcore, or...

Completing 27,304 waves on Insane.

I guess I will be playing Guardian more often and annex but thats just for the chevo. Again the only reason i want these achievements is for the unlocks in gears 3.

no no no listen lol that guy said he didnt like gears 2 and was just playing for the achievements, he didnt mention wanting to unlock things for gears 3, if you play a game you dont enjoy purely for gamerscore/achievements i dont get it...

anyway everyone is different so fair enough im not saying hes wrong ive just never understood it, anyway back to my main point it maybe the same to go from 97-100 as 1-50 but thats how the game is, its not fair for someone who got to 100 with normal xp if you get it faster, i dont think well it takes a long time so justifies it is a good reason for big xp weekends.

if people have the vet medal in gears 3 i wont think wow they are a good player and big gears fan ill think oh i bet they didnt get that with out the weekends, SOOOOO (lol this is long my bad) i go back to my original view, big xp weekends devalue rank and now it even devalues gear 3 unlocks.

my final thing battlefield bad company 2 has a 1-50 scales and they never have xp changes so when i see a 50 or even a high rank i think they must be good, yeah some just play alot but trust me with a score/min of 210 im only rank 28 and ive played for almost 3 days, so in that game ranks means something. just because you may want gears 3 unlocks if you get it in one 20th of the time a proper 100 got it... whats the point

anyway i think this is way to much discussion on the subject lol and im not even sure if my point is really correct but anyway a good debate is always good :D

this is massive post i put in the over forum about the subject... if readings not your thing in short - just because it takes a long time to get to a 100 dosnt mean you can justify having massive XP its unfair on the people that got it how the game was designed, if you dont want to earn it how it should be earned then you should get it because it devalues even having it in the game..

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