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SO I signed online, loaded up Halo 4 and got the 30 mb update. I went online and read the changes, so I'm thinking cool. But, the issue I'm having is that I'm getting into more games with lag (server issues?) and noticed lag in hit detection. Doesn't matter whether I use a DMR or Br (mostly play SWAT) I am putting on full head shots only to see the enemy player die 10 secs later or I die first even when he hasn't fired a shot. And the kill cams aren't even accurate as it shows him firing at a wall or the ground and my spartan dying. I'm not sure if it is just me or if any others have experienced issues after the big update. Before update I was easily managing 15 kills a match, now I'm barely managing 10 post update. At least on my end my hit detection is just horrible. But who knows, it could be just a serer issue and pass within a day.


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What did the update fix?  Did it fix the Complex wall glitch?

Wait where did you see a message with the updates?   I had the update, but no messages.  I did notice some lag yesterday that I normally dont notice.  But again, it is that time of the year.  Around christmas time every year xboxlive gets really rough. Happens every year. Will be very bad christmas day.  So I would recommend setting a single player game aside for that day. I have Skyrim set aside for Christmas day. The live servers always go down every year at that time.