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I'm really getting tired of this game's repetitive multiplayer, always forcing me to create or play in close quarters maps. You can join custom maps that are large and I have made a large map for multiplayer, but it cannot be balanced because of the lack of vehicles to help you traverse the giant landscape. I, and many others, want vehicles added into the multiplayer again to spice up the pot and get things interesting, fun and a newer experience. It would be nice if Ubisoft made a new playlist called "Big Team" or another name, doesn't matter. This playlist will include ONLY large levels with vehicles present. This helps add variety to the multiplayer, and doesn't destroy what is already set up which everyone knows is shoulder to shoulder fighting.  I knew there was a huge factor of people expecting something better than previous Far Cry multiplayers, but unfortunately it lost a lot from previous games. They did add an easy to use weapon classes, better gameplay/graphics, but what about in-game content? Like vehicles, better zip lines, more game types, rock throwing, traps, fire spread, the new cover system, map rotation list in custom game, weapon placements, turret placements, ammo crates, and fog in custom maps. There's so many features that were removed, I mean, did I travel to another dimension where games aren't supposed to progress better from prequels? Sorry for ranting, but I think there needs to be some updates in order for the game to gain back some of the new players of the Far Cry series and hopefully some of the veterans who went back to the previous games. Does anyone think a Big Team playlist would be a good idea?


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I just published one Sgs jungle temple. I might tweek it tonite,but i love making big maps. What i dont understand is why you cant use vehicles,ai,ammo. It kinda hard to navigate big maps wirh no vehicle. But feel free to friend me on 360 .

Well the reason given was they wanted close quarters battles or what they call "shoulder to shoulder fighting". That's a bad idea because you're splitting variety and taking away the Far Cry experience, especially when you've played the single player and move straight to multiplayer. You can tell the difference in an instance that it wasn't made by the people who made single player and previous games. Even the lighting/graphics are different from single player, kind of looks like an Alpha version demo while the single player is the complete game. In all, yes ALL other multiplayer maps for the Far Cry games always had close quarters maps and large ones with more vehicles. I remember a lot of games do this and seems like standards for most multiplayer levels. It expands the game more variety, yet Ubisoft Massive seemed to be taking the CoD route which in my book is not a good idea. I do like a lot of the CoD aspects, I just really don't like this whole "Lets make only small close range battles! Derp!" Just within 2 months after this game's release it was already on games on demand, which I think shows how well it did in sales. The single player was great, just too short. So what's next after playing single player? Multiplayer. The reason I pay for xbox live is mostly for multiplayer. I mean that's what XBL was originally intended for. I bought this game with the intention of getting a good multiplayer and decent single player. I don't know if you've heard of this "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon" but the devs say the fans don't have to wait another 4 years for another Far Cry so that's good. They really need to work on multiplayer and listen to the community because that's their ticket to recognition as a good game company.