Big team playlist, Huge Halo 3 preference

Hello everyone,

Just thought i'd mention something I've noticed as of late. I love the big team playlist... but I hate that 80 percent of the matches end up being Halo 3 maps. Sure it's great, it's fun... though it becomes redundant after a while... especially when i see some old classics, like burial mounds or waterworks get skipped over for standoff (awesome map but I've played it too much). It is what it is I suppose. On a side note... Halo 3 and Halo CE play very different from the other games. I have no issues sniping or engaging in BR duels in H2 or H4... though in H3 and CE, it seems as if you gotta lead your shots in order to connect. Atleast from long range. Sorry if I just stated the obvious... I purchased my xbox one about 3 weeks ago, so i'm still fairly new to the MC collection.


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