*Big Spoilers* The beginning wasn't quite what I was expecting...

From the trailers and such I was expecting to emerge from a mysterious cave somewhere (as seen in the official trailer



Instead I'm tied up with some other criminals on the back of a cart (after being caught attempting to cross the border (from where I don't know)) on my way to be executed, then as I'm about to get a very bad haircut a dragon appears and starts destroying the place, giving me and the other prisoners time to escape.


Now I'm not trying to say this wasn't a good introduction to the game (because it was) it's just a suprise that it wasn't what they led us to believe (or maybe it was just me).


What's your opinion of it?


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Bethesda said that the demo took place roughly 45 minutes after the beginning of the game.  I thought Skyrim has the best beginning out of the series by far though.

I liked it was pretty cool! Dragon saves your life then you are now out to kill them =O

It was ok, the game gets much better.

I liked it but it was a little predicable... lol they couldn't really kill your Character before you even start.

The beginning was sweet, how the woods looked and it kind of set up the story for newbies like me. I'm very, very impressed with this game so far.

Yeah, it was pretty sweet.