Big minus to EA regarding player rating, im one of the best players out there and play almost only any when playing clubs,

having done this my rating is only a 6.2 because when playing as an any and having ur Virtual Pro as a midfielder you dont always score goals or assists

or matter of fact dont use or VP during attacks becos instead you use one of ur crap players you have as an any(and an anys rating gets it because of ur overall

performance of all the players u control, and defenders etc dont usually get more then 5.5, and i hardly let attacks come to my goal),

and with that when im searching a club at  the match lobby rooms, all noobs see my 6.2 rating and wont let me join lol, going after stats instead of in game play here is a

big difference,  as i said before, im willing to join any great club or looking for great players to play with, i can play anywhere(except GK, never tried it) + any,

send a msg if u need a pro FIFA player


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You might want to consider writing in a way that is easier to read... this hurts my eyes.

So, you're blaming EA for your lack of skill in midfield?

Im a great midfielder, im almost 100 % in passing every game and dribbles constantly with sucess,

if i have to say a flaw in my game it is goalscoring, i dont have trouble come to finishing but scoring is hard for me,

setting up am i great at...

Positioning is the reason that the ratings are flawed. I thought it was bad when I played on the wing but GK is even worse. When the ball is at the other end of the field, there is no indication as to where you need to stand and frankly it doesn't really matter. There have been games where I hardly touch the ball and end up with a sub 6. It's a catch-22 because it is necessary but at the same time it seems to be a bit sensitive.

Additionally, I hate that people can position vulture. When I am out on the wing, I constantly run into CM's and defenders who jump up into the position. The end result is my arrow telling my I am too high or too wide because it has switched my, momentarily, to their position.

This kid has defently got problems Sucess. Really