Big freezing problem!!

So i just bought the game a few days ago from the xbox market place,first it was a big bummer cus i had to move to Puerto Rico and since it detected i was here for some reason gave me the game in spanish. So no only that, but every time i opened my menu or try to do something the game started like lagging like, freezing for a second.
So now im in the middle of a quest for the theves guild, and im in the tunnels where they are, i have to go out, but as soon as i press A on the door, and the loading comes out, my xbox just does a crazy sound and freezing, the sound its not on the box itself, its the sound the TV makes when the game just freezes and gets stuck.

What should i do with this?
Download the game again or whatever? 


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By the way, its like a glitch on that specific door, i can open and load on any other door

clear system cache  and redownload game and hope that helps!